Saturday, October 19, 2013

Never stand between a boy and his friend.

Remember the post I made that included pictures of those yummy cookies?  It was seriously just a couple of days ago.  If you forgot, it's here.

Did you notice the rack my cookies were cooling on?  (If not, go look now, I'll wait).  


Okay.  So the cooling rack...behind my back, became Ethanzilla's friend.  

They played together.  

They shared secrets.  

They watched TV together.  

I didn't realize that cooling racks were playful.  Heck, I didn't even know they could talk!  

Well, he talks to Ethan.  

I found out the cooling rack has a name.  His name is Cookie Holder.  

After Ethanzilla and Cookie Holder played together in my living room on Thursday, Cookie Holder found his way back onto my counters ready to be washed. (I would like to imagine that some mean pirates took Cookie Holder hostage and put him up high on the cliffs (counter) over the ocean (my kitchen floor) where he waited, shaking, for what would be his ultimate demise). 

Ethan rescued him and they had a second day of play on Friday.   

I have to admit, it was cute listening to him talk to my cooling rack.  He really has an active imagination!!

Okay, now someone reassure me that imaginary friends are healthy.  Ethanzilla's preschool teacher keeps telling me that she has read that imaginary friends are a sign of intelligence.  She might just be trying to protect my feelings.  But if she is right, this kid has some brains!!  

If she is wrong, I am going to be spending lots of coin on therapy, so I better start saving now.  

Cookie Holder joins the cast of Ethanzilla's other imaginary friends Tay-E and Bleh.

No wonder this house feels crowded.  

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